It was such an honor to work with this organization which does so much good for people who struggle to put food on their tables across the state. They receive so much generosity from food drives. But the interesting thing we learned was that money donations go much farther. That's because of the bulk purchasing power to buy in bulk. So for example, if you donate a one pound bag of rice, the donation ends there. But if you donate an actual dollar, they can purchase approximately ten pounds of rice. That led us to the line Put Your Money Where a Hungry Mouth Is.


The imagery we chose was a departure from the typical empty refrigerators and lonely children. Instead we hooked onto the relatable emotional stress of when you accidentally send your child to school without their lunch. We then ask the viewer to imagine feeling that stress every single day. The campaign went into market with a Shock and Awww blitz right after Thanksgiving and centered around #GivingTuesday. The campaign was fully integrated with TV, radio, digital, social, out-of-home and PR.

In addition to top terrestrial radio stations, our media buy included Pandora.

We made sure it was incredibly easy to donate - including right on YouTube.

Here's proof that our PR and Social team did a great job of amplifying the campaign. They got Bruce to share it on Twitter and Facebook.

Digital out-of-home was deployed at NJ Transit stations.