Pace was perceived as a non-innovative, fading icon.

But still an icon. There is latent power to be tapped by reclaiming the brand's authenticity birthright.


People like to think they can tell faux-thentic from authentic.There is a certain pride in discovering the real deal. They experiment with many salsas, but have yet to find the one that's earned a lasting place at their table.


The energy-driving idea: Pace people don't compromise.


I led a multi-agency creative team including Y&R, G2 interactive, Dublin PR and Marketing Drive to create an entirely new 360 campaign.


Result: The brand grew share for the first time in 15 years.

The brand was launching a new line of specialty salsas to compete with the growing variety of offerings in the category. We consulted on flavors and packaging. We provided descriptive copy for the back labels that captured the tone of the brand while tantalizing taste buds.

Our mission was to increase the brand's value by convincing folks of its superior care and craftsmanship. But we can't just talk the talk. We need to walk the walk.


Teamed up with PR agency Dublin, we urged the clients to enter their products

into salsa festivals. The perception would be that only small "bathtub" brands

(like micro brews in the beer category) could win.


Can a mass market brand take home the gold? Heck, our brand created the category over 60 years ago. Well, Pace entered a bunch of festivals and won a slew of awards.