This was a fun assignment.

RB - makers of fine household products including Lysol, Woolite and Mucinex - was looking for a fun way to increase employee engagement during their annual post-holiday party. The company had grown so much that employees really didn't know people outside of their teams.


Our solution was a game called: RB or not RB?

At the party, employees were given a name tag along with a game card with five blank spaces. Among the 200 or so RB people were five imposters. We hired an improv troupe from NYC who pretended they worked at RB. They were briefed about the company's culture and given some insider knowledge to help them fool people. The first person to guess all five phonies won $500 in cash. The ballot cards were time stamped to keep it from being rigged.


After the winner was announced and the imposters were revealed, these talented improv actors broke into a song that spoofed RB with lots of inside jokes.